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It is a cause of great sadness when we bid farewell to much loved brothers of Wey Side Lodge. They have all left their lasting marks on Wey Side and they, together with their families and friends, are forever in our thoughts.
21.11.1932 - 13.9.2015

As our Director of Ceremonies for many years, Mike was the one to whom we all turned when struggling to learn our ritual. His advice and knowledge always got us through.  More recently Mike took on the important role as Wey Side’s first Mentor, which he fulfilled with the same support, enthusiasm and dedication.

Mike first joined Wey Side in 1968 and was installed as Worshipful Master in 1974.  In 2013 Mike proudly took part in the Initiation of his son Giles.
12.6.1935 - 25.9.2015

Robbie came into Wey Side Lodge first as a regular visitor, then as a joining member and was always hungry for Masonic experience and knowledge.

Working through the offices at Wey Side as well as in his Mother Lodge, he was installed as Worshipful Master in 2010.

More recently, Robbie served the Lodge with his usual enthusiasm as Chaplain.
Passed away 11th November 2016

John was Wey Side’s most senior member having been initiated in January 1961 and installed as Worshipful Master in 1969.  However, John had actually first applied to join a masonic lodge in 1951 in his home of Glasgow.  But he had to withdraw his application when he moved south, due to securing the position as club professional at Woking Golf Club at  the age of just 22.

John had a long, successful and prominent career in golf rising to the highest level in the profession, having played several times in the British Open.  In 1989 he was captain (and later an honorary member) of the PGA and served as a member of the Ryder Cup Committee.  In 1998 he was voted the PGA Europe Golf Professional of the Year.  For nine years, he was National Coach of the English Golf Union and became a tutor at the PGA Training Academy in 1970.

Due to distance and ill health, John was unable to attend Wey Side meetings in recent years, but continued to take a keen interest in lodge matters.